Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SeeMeCheer.com is now Cheer1.com Cheer Sports Network!

SeeMeCheer.com has merged with Cheer1.com - the Cheer Sports Network!
Visit Cheer1.com - Your worldwide Cheerleading Sports Network,
home of www.Cheer1FM.com - the MIX Radio Station!
Contact us today for information on listing your gym or cheer related business!
Call 614-656-1555
http://www.cheer1.com/pages/4830646.php? - Cheer Gear Business Directory
http://www.cheer1.com/pages/4937996.php - Cheerleading All Star Gym Directory
http://www.cheer1.com/pages/4471662.php - Cheerleading Competitions

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