Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cheer & Dance Extreme Joins SeeMeCheer.com!!

SeeMeCheer.com Welcomes Cheer & Dance Extreme!

Cheer and Dance Extreme is committed to put on fun, yet competitive, affordable events that do not jeopardize quality. Cheer and Dance Extreme Competitions and Events will continue to recognize the achievement of our participants! We will award great prizes, unique gifts and EVERY PARTICIPANT will walk away with something from Cheer and Dance Extreme.
We recognize the importance and commitment that your families make for your team. As always, our coaches will remain special to Cheer and Dance Extreme. At our National Level Events, we will continue to offer the great coaches reception that you have always enjoyed and be available to you at nationals 24/7. At all of our events, we will continue to provide new and exciting coaches gifts and be there to listen to you.
From our local events to our National events, we want to provide the same quality event while reaching all levels of cheer and dance teams keeping with our base that the participants COME FIRST!

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