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USASF Recent Rule Change!

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Throughout the Summer the USASF has conducted and is continuing to conduct regional meetings throughout the country. One of the common themes has been the loss of students due to the inability to tumble at the same competitive level which an athlete can stunt. Many coaches are frustrated with the feeling that tumbling is dominating the Cheer industry when it is actually stunts and pyramids that set our activity apart from others. A suggestion from the New York meeting was the development of the 4.2 Level. This will allow athletes who have limited tumbling ability but with higher stunting ability the freedom of moving beyond the level 2 extension limit, straight ride limits in baskets, and other limits in pyramids and dismounts.
During the week of August 18 - 23, a National Advisory Board Meeting, a Rules Committee Meeting determining interpretation, a USASF Board meeting and a Safety judge certification took place in Dallas.
Every coach agreed the inclusion of Level 4.2 would help their gym by increasing revenue. Most, if not all of these coaches said they could add a new team immediately just from the athletes who have recently left. Many of these coaches agreed that the last thing anyone wants is a new division added to the already long list of divisions. However, they also agreed the addition of 4.2 was a necessity and predicted this to be the largest division within a couple of years.
If you have further questions on this new division please don't hesitate to contact me at:
Standing and Running Tumbling will use Level 2 Rules.All other skill sets will use Level 4 Rules.This new 4.2 Level will be a test for this year. The success of this division will help determine the direction in the future.

USASF Recent Rule Change!

Coaches, Big decisions were made at the recent USASF Meeting in Dallas. Please read over the following email sent out by Mike Burgess. The most important and immediate point (in my opinion) is the addition of a Level 4.2 Senior Open. This division combines Level 4 Stunting Skills and Level 2 Tumbling skills into one division. Our hope is that a Level 4.2 is the PERFECT opportunity for you to recruit kids back to your gym that enjoy cheerleading but whose tumbling skills haven't progressed at the same pace as their stunting skills.
Please note, this division goes into effect starting THIS SEASON.
Here is Mike Burgess' email... Dear USASF/IASF Membership:
Over the past several months committees and the National Advisory Board of the USASF and/or IASF have been meeting to discuss several topics related to all-star cheer and dance. As a result of these meetings, and in particular the most recent gathering of committees in Dallas, Texas in the United States, there are some new guidelines, policies, definitions and a division addition that will impact our membership effective immediately.
The three specific areas are:
The small gyms definition has been further clarified and now reads:
A "Small Gym" is defined as having 100 or less participants. A Small Gym is defined as having one physical address for its location and has 100 or less athletes registered in its competitive cheer program at the time of competition. Exhibition teams, crossover athletes, special needs teams and dance teams do not count toward the 100 or less athletes.
In an effort to encourage increased participation in the all-star cheerleading activity, the USASF/IASF has recognized the challenge that many participants feel who are skilled in stunting but limited in their personal tumbling ability. Therefore a new division has been added to the 2008-09 Age Grid. This is level 4.2.
Level 4.2 follows Level 4 rules for Stunts/Pyramids/Dismounts and Tosses and Level 2 rules for General Tumbling/Standing Tumbling and Running Tumbling. It is offered only in "Senior Open."
The two items above will be added to the 2008-09 effective immediately.


The following recommendation is being made by the USASF as it pertains to uniforms for all-star participants. This is not a "rule," at this time, but only a recommendation. Therefore, it will be posted on the website and shared with membership, but it will not appear on the Age Grid.

"Coaches should consider ALL squad members' body types when choosing a uniform style. The uniform should comfortably fit the athlete, and the athlete should feel comfortable performing in the uniform. The skirt on female cheerleaders should cover briefs completely in front and back while standing; and should fit loosely enough not to "ride up" around waist during performance. Crop tops should reasonably cover the athlete, and not be so short that bra tops show during "arm over head" movements. This is not a mandatory rule for this season, but simply a recommendation. We must present our participants as athletes, and be aware that many children to not have the body type to make some uniforms fit the above criteria."
I appreciate all of the hard-work and dedication of the various committees of the USASF/IASF and the continued support of our membership

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