Monday, September 22, 2008

Spirit Cheer joins!

SpiritCheer joins!
You can also see Spirit Cheer on Cheer Sports Network!
Spirit Cheer enters into its 8th season as a camp and competition based company. The company was founded on the principals of cost effective fun events for all that attend. The company began by providing reasonable private and skill based camps for all ages and abilities. Providing specific skill camps for young people is what Spirit Cheer is known for. We are results driven.
The competition side of the business began with the Orlando Magic in the creation of the first ever NBA fun days for cheerleaders. This was a fun competition where participants performed and the top team became the half time entertainment for a ball game. These events have evolved into Classics and Spirit Cheer has since worked with the Portland Trailblazers, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat. The demand for fun, well organized events is what has helped fuel the growth for Spirit Cheer to now be running nearly 20 Spectaculars, Championships, and Nationals with a half dozen more regional events on an annual basis.
Spirit Cheer prides itself on teaching and educating young people of all ages and abilities across the country. The company's focus is promoting a positive environment thru speaking engagements, clinics, camps and special events. Spirit Cheer creates new and functional ideas annually to "make it fun" and easy for all coaches and participants. We enforce these ideas by speaking at Cheer Coaches Conferences and creating Stunt videos that are easy to follow just this year. Just this year, we hosted the first ever Collegiate Cheer Combine. Athletes interested in cheerleading on the collegiate level were brought in and educated by college coaches of the expectations, academic requirements and time demands for today's athlete. Each athlete was also tested on athletic skills. The results were overwhelming and the requests have poured in all over the country. In addition to this The Don Pare Scholarship awarded $1500 in college scholarship monies to deserving seniors headed to cheer in college. This particular program will expand out into 5 markets next year.
Whether you are a first time coach or an old pro, spirit cheer has something to offer all coaches and participants regardless of age or ability. Join us where we are "Makin it Fun" for everyone.

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